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How does a virtual drum class work?

How does a virtual drum class work?

Virtual Drum Class - virtual team building activity with bright and epic usa events

Are you interested in learning how to play the drums, but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to bring virtual team building activities into your workplace with remote colleagues? Well, then look no further because virtual drum classes might just be the perfect option for you! With digital drum lessons featuring cardboard Cajons and a live teacher via video call, it makes it easier than ever before for aspiring musicians of all skill levels to learn how to play the drums. Whether you want to use this as an opportunity to practice individual skills or join your friends in a synchronized drift across beats and melodies – virtual drum lessons have what it takes. So let’s get started!

What is a Virtual Drum Class and How Does it Work

A virtual drum class is the perfect way to have fun and build teamwork with remote colleagues. It’s easy to get started and all you need is drum lessons with a live drum teacher, and cardboard Cajons as drums! The drum teacher will be on Zoom or Webex and teach you all the basics of drumming. As you play along in real-time, you’ll improve your drumming skills while having fun with your remote colleagues. With the help of a virtual drum teacher, everyone can learn the basics of drumming so they can join the jam session together. If you’re looking for a fun activity to build teamwork among your remote colleagues, virtual drum classes are the perfect way to do it!

What Is a Cajon and how do I get it for my virtual drum session?

A cardboard cajon is the perfect way to enjoy a virtual drum session with your colleagues. It’s a great way to get the team building experience you desire without needing to buy expensive drums or percussion instruments. Even better, we make it easy for you by shipping one of our cardboard Cajons right to your door! This cardboard Cajon is included in any purchase of our virtual drum class package, so you can start on your journey into learning how to play drums as a group. Get ready to jam together and make beautiful music with our cardboard Cajons!

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What Are the Benefits of a virtual drum class with a live instructor?

Working remotely can make it difficult for many individuals to develop the spirit of teamwork. By taking part in virtual drum classes with a live instructor, not only will remote workers benefit from learning something new, but they’ll also be helping their team discover their working rhythm and togetherness. A virtual drum class is perfect for honing in on individual talents while becoming one cohesive unit, as everyone has the opportunity to discover something unique together and support each other every step of the way. And with cardboard Cajons as part of your virtual class, practicing won’t be a problem!

What Other Equipment Do I Need to Participate in a Virtual Drum Class

If you’ve been dreaming of testing out your beat-making skills with a virtual drum class then you’re in luck! To get started, all you need is quiet space, a laptop with working webcam and microphone, and a passion for having fun. You’ll want to ensure that your computer has enough processing power to handle the live streaming video feed from your teacher so any distractions can be kept to a minimum. Making sure you have the proper equipment is important so don’t hesitate to pick up items like headphones or an external monitor if needed. With these essentials in hand, you’re ready to start exploring the world of digital team building with an experienced instructor giving you guidance every step of the way!

virtual drum class - team building activity | Bright & Epic USA

What is a team rhythm and how can we work together as a team?

We all know remote working can be lonely and that being surrounded by our remote team provides a unique form of support. But how can we make remote working even more productive and enjoyable? Team rhythm is the perfect answer. Creating music together, especially with remote drummer classes, helps to bring remote teams closer together, encourages collaboration and fosters mutual respect and acceptance. In order to learn the concept of team rhythm, you need digital drum lessons with cardboard Cajons, a live drum teacher and your remote colleagues – oh and some creativity! This is an interactive activity that requires attention to detail in order to create synergy between different roles and tasks within the team. Working as one unit on something creative and fun like producing music will help remote teams build valuable bonds which will reflect positively in their remote day-to-day work life.

Tips For Connecting With Your Remote Colleagues Through Virtual Team Building Activities

Connecting with your remote colleagues through virtual team building activities is an exciting way to bond and create meaningful experiences no matter where you are located. One fun virtual activity that you can use to interact with your remote workers is a virtual drum lesson. Not only is this a great chance for everyone to have some lighthearted fun, but it also creates an engaging environment that promotes communication and exchanges ideas in an interactive manner. All you need is a cardboard Cajon and a drum teacher (or virtual tutor) who can guide the class and help build camaraderie between the team members! Check out virtual drum lessons today and see how they can benefit your remote workers while having a good time!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have your drum class set up

In summary, virtual drum classes are an excellent way to start a virtual team building activity with remote colleagues. Cajons are becoming increasingly popular for digital drum lessons and can give your team the time to explore all types of rhythms together. There are plenty of benefits from learning drums with a live instructor such as individualized attention and a collaborative and relaxed environment. To get started with a virtual drum class you will need some basic equipment like headphones and internet connection. You can use any type of music or rhythm that suits your team’s needs, whether it is for entertainment or for educational purposes. Ultimately, by combining various elements like drums, cardboard cajons, speakers and a live drum teacher, you will be able to create an amazing virtual experience that remotely connects you with your colleagues. Do you want to have a virtual drum class with your remote team too? Contact us!

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