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Top 3 most popular virtual team building activities 2023

Top 3 most popular virtual team building activities 2023

Top 3 Most Popular Team Building Activities 2023 - Bright & Epic USA Events

Here are the top 3 most popular ideas for virtual team building activities 2023 that will keep your remote workers engaged and connected. We have beaten Covid-19, but working from home isn’t going anywhere. Virtual team building activities are here to stay!

1. Virtual Cocktail Classes – Mixology is trending up in popularity

Many companies are using virtual team building activities such as cocktail classes to help their remote teams connect, bond, and have a bit of fun. But how does a virtual team building activity such as a virtual cocktail class actually work?

Most popular virtual team building activities 2023 - virtual cocktail classes and tastings | Bright and Epic Events USA

What is a virtual cocktail class and how does it work?

A virtual mixologist will teach your team how to make simple cocktails with ingredients that you can either easily find at home or get in the grocery store. This is an especially great option for late-night or international teams who want to get together virtually and share a few laughs. For instance, we compose a list of cocktails that we want to make virtually and break it down to the ingredients. The virtual cocktail class also includes a Gift Box that contains many of the ingredients (except alcohol!) and also things like jiggers, mugs and shakers as well as a step-by-step guide to make them.

2. Virtual Escape Rooms – Solve puzzles by working together

Escape rooms are becoming more popular as virtual team building activities because they help teams work together better. In virtual escape room games, your team is put in an online environment with puzzles, riddles and different challenges. A story line behind the game helps increase engagement, and teams must work together to solve the puzzles in order to progress.

Most popular virtual team building activities 2023 - online escape room games | Bright and Epic Events USA

Team battles in virtual escape rooms

Improving teamwork among colleagues can also be a challenge – so why not have a few team battles in your virtual Escape Rooms? The goal is to crack the final code to win the battle. You must work together as a team because the riddles can be very difficult.

3. Semi Virtual Scavenger Hunt with App

Semi vvirtual team building activities are super fun and get you guys out into nature. Semi means that you still play virtually but you have to use physical things or go out to solve the challenges. A virtual scavenger hunt is an interactive game that requires teams to search for specific places and solve puzzles. This can be done fully virtual or outdoors.

Most popular virtual team building activities 2023 - scavenger hunt team event | Bright and Epic Events USA

Get ready for the new Globe Chaser Scavenger Hunt App

The virtual aspect comes in with the use of our scavenger hunt app Globe Chaser which provides the clues, tasks and challenges that the team has to complete. You can play in teams at different locations. This virtual event helps to increase collaboration even if your team mates usually work from home.

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