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Digital Escape Room

Get ready for exciting online team events

Have you heard about virtual escape rooms? No matter how big or how small your team is, Bright & Epic provides exciting team building activities online. As an icebreaker for a virtual kick-off, as part of a team event, or as entertainment during a remote conference. Online escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Is your team up for an exciting virtual challenge?

Six episodes with two different escape scenarios

Our online escape rooms offer two exciting scenarios packed with riddles and team challenges to inspire all of your team members. Get ready for a fun and sophisticated online team building event. A fun one is to stop a virus from spreading throughout the world in Escape the Virus and its three episodes. It is an adventurous game with a lot of puzzles to solve in order to get to the next level. How scared are you? You will be in the middle of a mysterious story in the Escape the Lost virtual escape room. You’ll have to solve missing persons’ cases that seem to be connected with some sort of supernatural force.

Exciting multimedia adventures await you.

Consider using a variety of sources to investigate the current case, such as search engines, Facebook and other well-known platforms. We encourage you to work with your team instead of working on it alone. Each online escape room was designed to be solved by a team. The most interesting aspect of this feature is it encourages your entire team to communicate, discuss, and collaborate.

Do you want to play more episodes?

In each online escape room, your virtual team will solve one episode of one scenario at a time. We happily upgrade your event experience and provide you with a second or even third episode. Everything depends on the team, the subject, and how much time you have.

How about a tasty upgrade?

We offer a variety of online teambuilding experiences that are full of features, entertainment, and fun. But what if we told you that there are more features you can get at affordable prices? Choose from a variety of snack boxes with lots of healthy goodies. While you’re playing the virtual escape game, enjoy some tasty snacks.

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