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Virtual (Music) Quiz Show

Get ready for the first virtual live trivia music show

Beat the Music is a new, exciting event where you can test your knowledge of music history and have fun while doing so! You’ll be competing against other teams in order to get to the top. The virtual quiz wall includes some great songs from one-hit wonders to icons of the past few decades. But it’s going to take someone from your team with enough knowledge to not only know what song was playing when they were born, but who also knows music from the past. In this music quiz mode, there is no wrong answer – if something doesn’t make sense to you, look around because someone else may know better than you.

Guess songs, release year, bands and much more with your team

Join us for an exciting, virtual music quiz event with musical performances from your favorite artists. The musicians will play their songs live in front of the camera and you can guess what they are playing based on clues about them provided by our long-term partners! If that’s not enough then take part in beat trivia events where wacky situations unfold as well – it’ll be sure to keep all attendees entertained throughout this hour-long music quiz show.”

Virtual music quiz show live - team building activity | Bright & Epic USA

Online Teambuilding: virtual quiz show

Get ready for the online team building music quiz ‘Beat the Music’ hosted live from our studio. Divided into teams, you decide in advance which genres of songs will be chosen for each round – there are many options available to choose from including swing and hits made popular during the 20s/30s era, rock classics spanning all decades dating back as far as the 1950s up to today’s charts-topping tracks! Can you beat the music with your team and win? Join us now for this fun and exciting online team building activity with the ‘Beat the music’ virtual music quiz show.

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All of our online team building experiences are packed with features, entertainment and fun. But what if we told you that there are even more features that you can benefit from at affordable prices? Choose your favorite snack box from our snack box menu with lots of goodies to make you feel good. Enjoy some delicious snacks while you take part in our live music quiz show.

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