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Virtual Fitness Class

A great way to start a sports session with your team

Fitness classes are now virtual. We encourage your entire team to take part in this fun virtual fitness class team building activity with our live coach Denise. Exercise is healthy for you and makes you stronger.

It’s time to get started!

Taking the daily walk to work, using the stairs on the way to the train or in the office itself, walking to the copier and to the cafeteria all provide opportunities for natural movement. When it comes to remote work most people skip over all of this. Under these challenging conditions staying fit is all the more critical. Our Corona-compliant virtual fitness class team building activity keeps your team fit – both physically and mentally.

Virtual fitness class team building event | Bright & Epic USA

Join our fitness clas and have fun in front of the webcam as you move around

Virtual fitness classes are fun and bring your teams together. Your coach Denise knows how to motivate people to move. In this virtual fitness class, she guides you through disciplines that can easily be integrated into your daily work routine at home. With a towel and an isomat, you are set to get started. You quite literally become stronger as a team as you work together. You get out of the daily routine and can clear your head. Moreover, you develop a fighting spirit so that you can perform the disciplines correctly and healthily.

Here are some disciplines from our portfolio

Hula Hoop

Probably the funniest way to tighten your abs and body

Body workout

Increase your overall fitness, with individualized exercises

Fitness device workout

Choose your favorite machine and train more varied

Get your back fit

Let’s strengthen your back with targeted exercises

What else you need to get started

It is usually better to do exercises on an isomat or at least a thicker towel. It would be a worthwhile idea to purchase such a mat not only for this event, but also for future exercises. It is easier to exercise healthily and make the right movements. We recommend wearing active wear and having one or more bottles of water ready, as you should not get dehydrated during the training sessions. That’s it. Are you ready to rumble?

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