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Virtual Drum Class

This virtual drum class features team rhythms

Are you looking for a creative team building activity that can suit the beat of your company? By drumming to the beat of the music with colleagues, you not only build a sense of connection, but also promote unified communication. We create a sense of community through our online drum class that you have never experienced before. Together, we create a rhythm that connects the team. You will be accompanied by a professional drummer and musician. Learn what makes a rhythm, why it connects, and everything you need to know about the Cajon, the main instrument. Perhaps you will discover a new hobby?

Get your drums and cajons by mail

As part of the virtual drum class, we will send you the instrument and sticks for the correct beat positioning directly to your home. With the cardboard Cajon, you will receive a sound that is almost unmistakable. We have created a digital product that is not only lightweight, but also a sustainable option that you can recycle if necessary. Furthermore, you will receive instructions for simple, uncomplicated assembly and can practice drumming before the event. Become a hobby musician with our drum class guide. You will be immersed in percussion instruments in less than 90 minutes.

virtual drum class - team building activity | Bright & Epic USA

Drum to your own beat or to a chart hit

With the tool of your choice, a virtual drum class guide will be waiting for you in the virtual meeting. You will learn about different playing techniques as well as useful tips about the Cajon from our guide. Beginners and hobby musicians alike will gain valuable experience and get their money’s worth. You can begin to play the right piece of music after a few simple rhythm exercises. If you choose to use classics, hymns, or modern pop songs, you can come up with your own rhythm, or you can use our suggestions. The drum class will help you create your own beat in either case.

Improve teamwork by creating your own company beat

Along with playing the drums, you get to know your colleagues better. By practising the individual rhythms together, you get to know each other and are able to apply this cooperation to your everyday tasks. In order for the song to be created, each participant is essential, as only this way can it be incorporated into the whole song. As a result, the company rhythm should be smooth even after the online team event.

Your digital drum class with passion

Our online team event takes you on a musical journey. In the virtual drum class you have to produce something new together by overcoming a musical challenge. Listen to the steady rhythm of your colleagues and join in at the right moment with your own beat. You will remember the result for a long time, either as the event itself or with your own sound recording, which you can book as an upgrade.

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