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Gift Boxes for virtual tasting events.

Virtual Tasting events with our Gift Boxes
Finest ingredients for remote workers & Teams

One of our USPs is the availability of gift boxes for arranging unique activities for your team members. So what are we offering here? To start with, we provide kits for arranging virtual events like virtual cooking classes, virtual cocktail classes, pasta classes, etc. We also help you organize tasting events that the HR teams can efficiently conduct remotely, ensuring every participant and host gets a fair chance to participate. 

  • Cocktail Kits, containing up to four cocktails to mix, lots of helpful content, and hosted by a live bartender
  • Pasta Kits, essentially containing two types of pasta, fresh ingredients, an Italian live quiz and hosted by an experienced chef
  • Bakery Box contains all the essential ingredients to set your employees on an interesting baking adventure
  • Olive and Oil Box, containing bottles of virgin oil to use to make those lip-smacking recipes shared by our live host
  • Cooking Kit, containing mixers, shaker, recipes, stirrer, pastry wheel, rolling wheel, and everything that is required for making delectable recipes with our fantastic host
  • Chocolate and Pralines, containing the ingredients to prepare something for the souls with a strong sweet tooth

Gift Boxes for virtual events

Do you like to arrange some outstanding virtual events for your employees but don’t know how? Well, we think the pandemic has restricted millions to their home space, where they often find it challenging to strike the perfect balance between personal and professional life.

However, the pandemic also showed us how employees could work round the clock to meet their company requirements, no matter how stringent the situation. That is why we offer online events, drum classes, music shows, scavenger hunts, and tastings that can help remote HR teams motivate those hardworking souls rather than a mere dinner

Virtual or Hybrid Events

These are some highlights of our gift boxes that we specially customize to meet your event requirements. The HR teams need these to arrange hassle-free activities other than those dinners, which are now practically not very possible due to the pandemic situation.

Also, it can be customized as per your requirements, whether in remote or hybrid work environments. So, we ensure that our company’s live host will run the show for you to participate and enjoy the activities without worry.

The kits we send you will contain every required ingredient and utensil to participate in these events. Every participant will receive our gift box via mail as early as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

Virtual events & Team building

Are all virtual teambuilding activities hosted live?

Of course! We will take care of every aspect of your event, from the introduction to the execution up to the awards presentation.

What conference tools are used for online events?

Our main priority is for our events to be customer-oriented. Our team has extensive experience with tools such as MS Teams, Zoom, and Webex.

Will Bright & Epic provide all neccessary equipment?

Yes, of course! Right before the event, Bright & Epic will mail you all the necessary boxes and kits. All packages are delivered nationwide.

What technical equipment will I need for an online team event?

To participate in the online events, you will need a camera, microphone, and internet connection. The equipment is provided online by Bright & Epic for each event.

What remote events are suitable for groups of 100 or more?

For large groups of 100 people or more, Escape Games, Quiz Shows, and all tasting events are great options.

Is it possible to customize an online event?

Definitely! The length and content of each online event can be customized according to the customer’s needs. Upon request, company questions can be incorporated into the quiz show or a custom Escape Game can be designed.

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