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Great Team Building Activities with our new app Globe Chaser

Great Team Building Activities with our new app Globe Chaser

Digital Scavenger Hunts are great team building activities for both virtual and live events - discover globe chaser by bright and epic usa

Are you looking for an exciting way to break up the daily grind and bond as a team? Globe Chaser, our new digital scavenger hunt app, is here to provide great team building activities that will get everyone in the office off their feet and out on a group adventure. With numerous location-based challenges that combine physical tasks with virtual achievements, your colleagues can explore their city in a fun way while also competing against each other or cooperating collectively. No matter how remote your business may be — from home offices or conference rooms — Globe Chaser will make sure all voices are heard until everyone reaches the same goal. Join us on this digging deep into workflows so you can enjoy being outdoors for some epic bonding through amazing experiences.

Create great team building experiences with just one app

As team building experiences become more important now than ever before, how can you foster team bonding quickly, safely and easily? A digital scavenger hunt using the Globe Chaser App is an ideal way to get colleagues out of their routines, growing together as a team. Not only does it provide physical activities and challenges for teams, but also encourages collaboration and communication with all team members for an engaging team building activity. With just one app, your team can build chemistry and boost morale in a fun, unique way.

What are the benefits of a digital scavenger hunt for your team?

A virtual scavenger hunt, powered by the Globe Chaser App, can be the perfect way to encourage your team to bond. By engaging in virtual team building activities like a digital scavenger hunt, colleagues can break out of their mundane routines and spark some outdoor fun. In addition, digital scavenger hunts are great for team battles, with several teams competing against each other in tricky challenges. With Globe Chaser’s virtual scavenger hunt platform, put together an entertaining experience that your team won’t forget!

A digital scavenger hunt can include trivia, photo challenges, puzzles and more

Unleash your competitive side with a digital scavenger hunt – complete with tricky challenges and puzzles to solve as a team. Trust among colleagues will be heightened as you come together to navigate tricky obstacles, build cohesion, and develop trust. Working together on a digital scavenger hunt allows co-workers to learn more about each other in order to complete the puzzle together. Take a break from the daily routine and bond as you try to outsmart tricky challenges that Globe Chaser App sets for you. Have fun and get creative with the answers in order to win!

Digital scavenger hunts - team building activity | Bright & Epic USA

Where can you do a digital scavenger hunt in the USA?

Everywhere you turn in the United States, there is an opportunity for a digital scavenger hunt. From sunny beaches to wooded trails, you and your team can explore the world around you in creative ways. In the outdoors, gather clues about natural wonders and then search for the answer on your phones. And don’t forget to look up when searching for clues! In the city, participate in a tour of key landmarks, or include a dinner at a local restaurant. Evening events are also an option. With a digital scavenger hunt, you can reconnect as a team while learning intriguing facts and having fun. Globe Chaser offers great team building activities right at your fingertips!

We create a unique team building activity for your company

Looking to switch up your company routine and build team spirit? Look no further than Globe Chaser App! We specialize in creating unique team building activities personalized for your company. Our services range from outdoor scavenger hunts to online challenges, bringing people together and creating an enjoyable shared experience. With Globe Chaser App, you can easily organize a unique team bonding event that everyone will remember!

We specialize in virtual team building activities and events for HR, Remote Working companies and local businesses

If virtual team building activities and events are what you seek, then look no further! Whether it’s for HR related affairs, virtual bonding between remote workers or just a fun way to stay connected with local businesses, Globe Chaser App has it all covered. Our Scavenger App Globe Chaser is specifically designed to be intuitive and entertaining as well as promote various problem-solving activities that bring teams closer together. Find out what we have in store for your virtual team building agenda today!

Are you looking for more team motivation? Book your digital scavenger hunt today

Digital scavenger hunts are a great way to break out of your routine and bond as a team. With the Globe Chaser App, you can create unique team building activities for your colleagues and make sure everyone has a memorable experience. From trivia and photo challenges to puzzles, the app contains various activities that are both fun and engaging. To get you started in creating new experiences, we provided some examples of successful scavenger hunts that have taken place using the Globe Chaser App. Additionally, we shared tips on how to ensure that your team has an enjoyable activity and can collaborate during each challenge. Booking virtual events or team building with the Globe Chaser App is an economical way to motivate everyone at work! So what are you waiting for? Are you looking for more team motivation? Book your digital scavenger hunt today and create amazing memories with your colleagues.

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