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Virtual Tasting events: a great benefit for remote workers

Virtual Tasting events: a great benefit for remote workers

Virtual Tasting Events: Benefits for Remote Workers | Bright & Epic USA

What are virtual tasting events? But before that, did you ever worry about your relationship with people? There might be certain times when you and your peers might not be on the same page and this can lead you to many misunderstandings. 

That happens because you certainly do not belong to the same mindset, which means you and your peers think in two different ways. Let me tell you, this is all for your good. What do I mean by that? Being among like-minded people is much better than staying among people who are different, especially in the business field.

But how do you build relationships with like-minded people when you do not find them around you? Well, thanks to the pandemic, for the benefits it brought. Pandemic didn’t only show its dark side but also it has its own bright side. One of the best benefits is remote work.

What are virtual tasting events?

It is a virtual tasting event where a bunch of people participate to taste foods and drinks. These events are often led by a sommelier who illuminates you and the other participants with information about the product. These events such as virtual wine tasting events work well in B2B (business to business) for building relationships with your prospective customers.

It was back then, where a business was all about the formal talks and ending the deal but now in this upgrading world, it is completely about how long you are able to continue the relationship with your customers. The better relations you form, the better your business. (Make sure that you and your customer relates with the mindset)

Here are the two ways to ensure that your tasting event goes well:

1.       Select the right platform

2.       Select the right tasting experience

Select the right platform:

Choosing the right platform can make a whole difference to your meet. There are various virtual event platforms with additional benefits that give a sense of pleasure. However, if you do not have any virtual event platforms, the other tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams go well too.

Select the right tasting experience:

One of the best things that anyone enjoys is drinks. Here are a few tastings you can consider,

Virtual Cocktail Classes

• Chocolate Tasting

Pasta Classes

Be creative, and do not forget your audience. Your goal is to create a compelling experience that drives your customers or audience to sign up for the activity. After deciding on the activity, have someone who is enthusiastic and has knowledge about the product and can present well, simply who is an expert.

The tasting experience and the expert, in combination, will make or break your event.

The benefits that employees have:

Ever since the pandemic, every employee is permitted to remote work. Due to remote work all the remote workers experience stress due to workload, do not find time to connect with the outer world, and their lives are completely permitted to work. But, once in a while, these virtual events can have a lot of benefits for remote workers. Some of the benefits include

1.       Fun activity

Fun activities such as competitions, challenges, singing, and dancing can make your work lives a little easier and happier. This not only provides happiness and increases your productivity but also develops respect towards the company.

2.       Learn something new

There are a lot of hidden talents in everybody, worth learning from each other. When events like these are conducted, people come out with their talents and you can always learn something from everyone on the platform.

3.       Connect with new people

This is where you find like-minded people. You do not know everybody in the company you work for, various people participate in one of these events to beat boredom just like you do. Talk with them, and connect with them whenever you get a chance. This has a lot of benefits in your further life.

4.       No isolation

Working on your computer without any interruptions for hours can increase isolation. Sometimes the virtual events can last for hours with all the fun that you had in your offline working days when there are some amazing people. This doesn’t tell you that you are isolated.

Benefits in HR management:

HR will be responsible for the company’s growth. To the HR management, these events come in handy in various ways

1.       Motivated people

Events like these motivate people to do the work more efficiently since they believe that the company is caring for them.

2.       Teamwork

Events like these can help people understand each other better. This increases the team work and they help each other even when someone isn’t able to work. 

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