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Book your virtual cocktail party 2023 now

Book your virtual cocktail party 2023 now

Book your virtual cocktail party 2023 with bright&epic USA events

Ever since Covid-19 changed the way we interact and celebrate, virtual cocktail parties have become increasingly popular. The virtual version of a classic event offers an online mixology experience that is nothing like anything you’ve experienced before.

Now you can join us for a virtual cocktail party in 2023 — without having to worry about social distancing or staying safe from the virus. With a virtual cocktail party, all your guests can enjoy delicious drinks and great conversation with each other in the comfort of their own homes! Plus, a virtual cocktail party is also a virtual team building activity for everyone!

Our virtual mixology events are hosted by professional bartenders who will teach you how to craft delicious beverages with easy-to-follow recipes. We provide world-class glassware, top shelf liquors, and all the ingredients needed to make beautiful liquid creations.

Connecting people across the nation

Not only Covid-19 showed the people how the virtual world can be fun and interactive, virtual cocktail parties are also great for bringing people from all over the country together. Everyone can join in from their own homes and have a truly memorable experience! Simply choose from our cocktail menu your favorite drinks and get your cocktail kit by mail. We send all cocktail kits either to one address or to every participant within the United States by mail.

Virtual cocktail class - online tasting events for teams | Bright & Epic USA team building events

How does a virtual cocktail party work?

A virtual cocktail party is an interactive virtual event that includes interactive live tutorials and demonstrations of different drinks with ingredients. On top of the virtual classes, each guest can expect to receive a gift box with cocktail kits and all the necessary tools for a virtual mixology experience. Your virtual bartender will guide you through creating your amazing cocktails during the virtual session. Your personal cocktail kit includes mixers, jigger, a bar spoon, shaker, stirrer and other important stuff to start your own online mixology event.

Cocktail gift boxes – have the kits delivered to your home

Don’t have the time to make your virtual cocktail party? Get our cocktail gift boxes and let us take care of the rest. Choose from a variety of cocktail kits with all the necessary ingredients, utensils and tools to craft delicious drinks at home. Our virtual mixology classes come with an easy-to-follow guide and they are always hosted live.

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